Meet Candice...your hidden gem, California valley-grown, nation-wide tour director.

"You have to like and care about other people's experience. Are they too cold, too hot, what makes them feel welcomed, what are they in the mood for? Hospitality and planning is a gift I received from my mother. Watching her year after year hosting faith-based events, holidays at the Hill home, and they way she ran her home-based business. It's a gift I'm growing through the tourism industry as I love the outdoors, nature, animals and anything near the water. Allow me to show you some hospitality here at Tour Guide Cafe. Book a walking tour in my home-city, a cruise anywhere in the world, or if you're a do-it-yourself type of person you can self-book instantly. See our homepage for details."

- Candice Hill Troutman


This is a destiny, not a hobby. Candice holds a Associate Arts degree from Fresno City College in Recreation Leadership and is continuing on to obtain her Bachelors degree in Event Planning & Tourism at CA State University Fresno under their Recreation Administration Department.

Field Training

Candice has trained in Times Square, Battery Park, and Roosevelt Island in New York and along our national mall in Washington D.C with the internationally known tourism company EF Explore America. Preparing and giving group tours of 40+ in D.C was the time of her life and the best real time tour directing experience one can encounter . Any international tour guide worth their salt knows EF Explore America.

California Experience

Candice reps California all day long...and on top of that the VALLEY! Valley grown, valley loved, valley rooted- yet culturally open. Sacramento, San Francisco and Fresno are her favorite spots. Fresno??? That's right keep reading!

Fresno Love

Fresno is the perfect place to take a tour. Why? Because you can easily taste the local businesses. You don't have to worry about too many "touristy" spots and fast talkers bombarding you. Enjoy the authentic retail in the Fulton District, Tower District, the animals at the Safari, nature at our surrounding lakes and more. Book Fresno here.

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